How to Introduce a Male Chastity Cage into your Sex

You can’t expect that the person you fall in love with is your perfect sexual match. I know this because the guy that I love is a straight laced, vanilla sort of man when it comes to the bedroom. I’m not saying that he won’t have sex with the lights on and wants to burn romantic scented candles when we do it, but there are certain ‘fetishes’ that I have, which Greg doesn’t even know about. I haven’t broached the subject because I have a feeling that if I turn around and tell him some of the activities that I find hot, he might not be able to handle it.

There are a lot of sexual exploits that I’ve done in the past that I’m prepared to give up to keep from scaring him off, but unfortunately some of my fetishes I can’t get out of my head. My last boyfriend was really submissive, and as I prefer to be sexually dominant the sex was great! He was the first one who introduced me to the idea of a  chastity cage, because they were something that he had used on his own in the past and he was excited about the idea of someone else having the key to the cage. He loved the feeling of having no control over his own erection and sexual arousal, and on his own there was only so much that he could do to restrict himself. When I was in charge of the key after he had locked himself into the male chastity cage, it opened up a whole new world of sexual restraint to him, because there was literally nothing that he could do about his erection unless I gave him the go ahead first.

We started off with pretty simple sexual exploits with the male cage, at first just using it when I tied him up and teased him, but things quickly escalated. Before long I used to lock him up in the male chastity cage and then keep the key for as long as I wanted. It could be hours or days – as long as I wanted until I chose to give him some relief and release him from his metal cage. The device that we used was called the Brutal Cage, which I loved because it was such a simple design that. It prohibited every kind of sexual activity, even masturbation, with a metal shaft that enclosed the entire penis and a lock at the base to keep it in place.

I guess that fooling around with the male chastity cage spoilt me, because even after the relationship was over I couldn’t help myself before I bought a male chastity device for myself. I bought the Man Slut Cock Cage from, which attracted my attention because of the unique design. It bent the penis downwards inside a cage with thin vertical bars, unlike the Brutal Cage which had a criss-cross pattern and stood straight out from the body. I tried it on myself, but unfortunately my kink is more about restraining other people in a male chastity cage, so while it was fun to try wearing it myself, it wasn’t as exhilarating and sexually exciting as using it on somebody else.

With Greg, I knew that I wanted to at least try to get him to wear the  cage, even if he didn’t want to use it again. So it was a case of working out how I was going to approach introducing the subject of a men's chastity cage without scaring him. My first move was to find some porn which featured a male chastity cage. That was more difficult than it sounded, because most pornography involving chastity devices for men was all about S&M, and I knew that I needed to find something that was subtle and not as hardcore as most of the stuff I found first.

Stage 1: An Introduction to Chastity

It was a whole days worth of searching the internet before I found some porn that had a chastity device in it but wasn’t hardcore. It featured two guys with some fairly soft-core sexual teasing. The submissive man was tied spread-eagled on a four poster double bed on his back, completely naked and susceptible to whatever the other guy wanted to do to him. There wasn’t any real sexual torture, just a bit of light teasing that got the guy on the bed writhing and turned on. Clearly he was really submissive and turned on by the thought of having no control, but the whole scene of him twisting and arching up on the bed seemed like it might be enough to get Greg hot. After a bit of light teasing, the dominant guy fitted a male chastity cage over the others erection, and manhandled him up off the bed and then retied him bent over the end of the bed so that he could fuck him.

It was the sort of sex play involving a male chastity cage that I thought would be a great introduction to the subject, and also wasn’t much more than we’d tried before. We’d experimented with a bit of small-time bondage before and Greg coped with that without freaking out so this didn’t seem to be much more than one step further.

Once we started watching the porno together, Greg seemed to be taking it well. I gave him head while we were watching it because I didn’t want him to think that I was judging his reaction to it, but I didn’t put all my effort into it in case he stopped concentrating on the video! After we’d finished watching it, and we’d turned to… other kinds of entertainment, I didn’t bring up the subject. The first step to introducing him to something new was to make sure that he knew that it wasn’t that unusual a thing to do – that other people did it too. Another part of the plan was to show him how you could use a chastity cage, because I thought that just handing one over to him would leave him panicking over what to do with it.

Stage 2: An Accidental Discovery

This part of the plan was pretty simple. I just left the new male chastity cage that I had bought lying in a drawer that I knew Greg would at some point look in. I checked it every day before he got home from work, and when I noticed that the contents had been moved around, I knew that the second stage had gone well. I wanted to introduce him to the idea of a real male chastity cage, and give him the time to look at it without feeling the pressure of expectation like he would if the first time I’d shown it to him had been just before using it. Of course there was no guarantee that he wasn’t freaking out over it, but the fact that he hadn’t tried to get rid of it or demand that I explain it was a good sign!

Stage 3: The Reveal

Once I finally built up the courage to use it, I found that Greg was much more comfortable with it than I expected, probably because he had already kind of seen it coming. I tried to follow the same story line as the porn we’d watched, so that he knew what was about to happen next each time, and when I clicked the male cage shut around his erection he flinched but he didn’t panic. Surprisingly, I think the idea of being submissive turned him on. I knew that of the two of us, I was bound to be the more dominant, but I hadn’t realized that tying him up was turning him on more than either of us expected it would. Better still, after I had fucked him while he was bent over the end of the bed, I made sure that I released the male chastity cage and he came with very little stimulation. That meant that he had been on the edge while wearing it, which was much better than I expected!

You can’t always have such success with introducing new sex toys to your relationship if you know that your sexual partner is nervous about that kind of thing, but the three stage plan that I developed is the best way to approach it. People are much more likely to panic about something if they don’t have any warning about it, so bringing up the male chastity cage idea before I intended to use it was the perfect way to take things slowly. If your partner loves you, they should be willing to try these things even if they don’t want to do them again afterwards. In turn, if you love them you have to accept that you can’t force them to keep using sex toys if they don’t get any pleasure from it, because it’s a two way street!

Wearing a Male Chastity Cage for Your Partner

There are a lot of things that you can do to make your relationship stronger. One of the things that I have chosen to do is wear a men's chastity cage for my partner to show them that I am with them and no one else. We purchased my chastity cage from and found that they had quite a few styles to choose from. They are also very reasonable as far as price is concerned and the quality of the chastity cage that we purchased is beyond anything we could have imagined.

Now, wearing something like a chastity cage isn’t necessarily something every guy would think of. This is definitely something new for me as well, but I must say that I have enjoyed every single second of wearing it. The one we picked out from is called the Caged and Cuffed and has got to be one of the better chastity cage options available today. You are definitely going to enjoy the way it fits and how it gives you that sense of being someone else’s property because you don’t have the key to take it off.

I wasn’t sure how this particular male chastity cage was going to fit underneath my clothing. I am an investment banker and I need to wear a pricey suit to work. I was afraid that people were going to notice that I was wearing some kind of contraption under my pants, but this chastity cage from seems to be fairly unnoticeable to most people. Although there are times when I am walking that you might be able to see that something is a bit different in my crotch area, but you have to be looking right at my cock to see it.

My partner loves the fact that I went to and purchased this male cock cage just to prove my loyalty to them. There aren't too many guys that would go this route to prove that they are in this type of relationship for the long haul. I have decided that this is the only relationship that I want to be in for the rest of my life and, if wearing a chastity cage for men is the only way that I can prove that then so be it. Besides, I kind of like the feeling of submission that goes along with it.

If you are thinking about wearing something like a male cock cage, then you will need to consider a few things before you purchase one. has plenty of different styles available for you to browse through, and that should be the first thing you do. Take your time looking through all of the pictures of their chastity cages for men before deciding on which one to purchase. It will take you some time, but you don’t want to give up and just pick the first or second one you come across because there might be another cage that you really want.

You should consider how big your cock is as well. If you purchase a cock chastity cage that is either too small or too large, then you are going to have some problems in getting it to fit correctly. If your cage from is too big, then there won't really be a need for wearing it because your hard cock will just push out through the openings in the chastity cage itself. That highly defeats the purpose and will bring no pleasure to you or your partner at all.

If the male chastity cage you choose is too small, then you are going to be having problems even getting the thing on. Once you do finally get it to latch and have the lock in place, it is going to end up being very uncomfortable. You aren't looking for a chastity cage for men from that is going to basically castrate you. What you want is for it to lock your cock away and keep you from getting an erection, but that is all it is supposed to be doing to you. You have to be careful to get the right size or you might be sorry.

I have been wearing my male cage from for over three months now and have yet to take it off. I have found that I am able to please my partner in different ways and that makes me a better partner for them. I don’t have to be the one in charge of everything, and I can sit back and enjoy our sexual encounters without feeling the need to take over now. That is one of the best things about wearing a chastity cage; that feeling of being a part of something rather than just in control.

You may not understand the reason for wearing a chastity cage to please your partner at first, but if you go to and find a cage that you like, you will. It allows you to see that wearing something like this is not only great for your current relationship, but you are also more likely to find new partners if you don’t already have one. I have a friend that uses his chastity cage to pick up guys at gay bars because he isn’t looking for actual sex; just a lot of fore play.

Thinking outside the box like this can get you just about anything you want in your life and wearing a male chastity cage from will help you get those things even faster. I have also started to notice that I have much more confidence in the things that I do on a regular basis. All the things that I used to be stressed about have melted away into the background, and I thank my trusty men’s chastity cage for that. There is nothing better than the feeling that I can conquer everything I am involved in simply because I went shopping at

I will be honest and tell you that it was a bit difficult the first few days to get used to the cock chastity cage that I had purchased. I wasn’t sure how it was going to fit with my lifestyle, either; I am an avid cyclist and wasn’t really sure how comfortable that was going to be for me. doesn’t really have a chastity cage that fits with a bicycle, but I went ahead and tried it out anyway. It took me a few minutes to figure out how I was supposed to sit, but everything is great now.

If you are the type of guy that is physically active, like me, then you are going to find that wearing a penis chastity cage can be difficult for some things. This doesn’t mean you have to give up your normal routine, though. You just have to figure out a way of doing that routine without having to take off men’s chastity cage. If that is going to be a problem, like you work out in a public gym and you don’t want everyone to know you are shopping at, then you might want to take the key with you.

You don’t have to feel like you need to wear that men's chastity cage every single day, either. I have found out that a lot of guys just use these devices to enhance their sex lives for a bit and are only wearing them for a few hours. I, however, feel the need to keep mine on for as long as I possibly can. Not only am I not getting an erection, but it’s going to be the best sex ever when I take my men’s chastity cage off for my partner.

There are a lot of reasons to not wear something like this, but if you really want to experience what it’s like to become a virgin again, wearing a male chastity cage is the only way to go. You may find it a bit odd but if you look at some of the many mens’ chastity cage options that are available at, you will find that a lot of guys love to get that virginal feeling whenever they possibly can. That is why I love showing mine off to certain friends so that they can understand what it’s like to wear one themselves.

No matter what kind of fetish you might enjoy being a part of, wearing a male cage can increase the pleasure you get from it. These cages are some of the hottest things I have ever tried in my life and I am very pleased with my decision to go to to purchase mine. I may not be into a lot of things, but wearing a men's chastity cage has gotten me to be a little more open minded about some of the odd things that my partner is into lately.

If you are truly interested in making your partner happy, but they might not like the idea of you wearing a cage, then why not let them look through the website with you? The two of you are bound to find something there that you will both enjoy, and that can be something that brings your relationship closer together. Having a stronger relationship, especially in the bedroom, is what the importance of trying new things is all about anyway. We just decided that the strength would come for a cage rather than a bondage video or something along those lines.

How many times have you been walking around town and saw some hot guy that you really wanted to be with? Now, how many times has your cock gotten hard because of how bad you wanted to be with that guy? Well, if you were wearing something like a men's cage from, you wouldn’t have been so embarrassed about showing your cock like that because you wouldn’t have been able to get hard. Now, imagine if your partner was standing next to you when that happened and how upset they would have gotten seeing your cock get hard.

If you face problems like that on a regular basis, then you need to go to in order to find a men's cage that will fit you. If you are wearing it the next time something like that happens, you won't be getting yourself into trouble when that hot guy walks by. Instead, you will feel the pressure of the chastity cage and that will focus your attention to other things, mainly the pain you are feeling in your cock from it trying to punch through the bars of your male chastity device.

You have to give your partner everything they want in order to make them happy, and if you are willing to wear a cage for them, then they are definitely going to be happy with you. You might even find that the sex you have after wearing your chastity cage is better than ever before. is known for making lovers happier with the items that they sell and their male chastity device is among those happy items. If you don’t believe me, then go to their website and pick something out to try for a while. You will see just what I am talking about in no time.

Wearing a men's chastity cage is a personal choice that I have made on my own to prove to my partner that they are the only person I want to be with. This doesn’t have to be your reason, though. Whatever reason you might have for going to and purchasing a men's chastity cage is up to you. But you will be so happy with your decision to purchase your male chastity device from them that you will more than likely be back to purchase other items from them later on. You have just stumbled upon the one website that offers the best items for the most reasonable of prices, and that is always a good thing.

Wearing Male Chastity Devices at Work

One of the greatest things I have ever done is wearing my male chastity devices while I was at work. It was, by far, the most intense time of my life and I have loved every single minute of it since then. I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to pull it off the first time I decided to wear my device from, but after the first couple of hours I noticed that no one was even paying any attention to the way I was walking with it on.

I found it quite interesting that I was able to work so efficiently while wearing my male chastity device, even though it did feel a bit odd at first. I hadn’t worn this device for very long before I decided to wear it to work that day. I knew I was going to be having some issues with the way that it was wearing against my cock, but I figured I was able to handle that and take control of the situation. The good news is that I did take control of that situation; the bad news is I ended up with a fairly decent rash afterwards.

You have to understand that if you put on a chastity device and try to wear it all day long without breaking it in, you are likely to get a rash. It’s a fact of life that most guys never even consider. This can cause you a lot of issues but it doesn’t have to stop you from wearing a device like this. Of course, if you purchase your device from you won't have to worry quite as much because their quality is much better than some of the other places that you’ll find these for sale.

One thing that I have found while wearing my chastity device at work is that I tend to have a better attitude when dealing with other people. There are a lot of times that I find I have a very short fuse with clients and co-workers when I become stressed out. When I am wearing my device, though, I am not as stressed and seem to be a bit more pleasant to be around; at least those people I work with every day seem to think that way. Already you can see that there is some kind of positive reason for locking my cock up all day long.

Wearing men's chastity devices is something that I have been a fan of for a very long time. I used to own one that was made from chains and metal bars that was extremely difficult to wear for more than an hour or so at a time. That was the first device that I ever owned and I have found plenty of others to replace that one over the years. Thankfully, I found and all of their high quality devices that I could choose from and the prices are pretty good as well.

There is something about wearing a men's chastity cage at work that is just so erotic to me. Not only do I get a boost in my confidence, but I also get the aspect of being submissive to myself and my urges. It may seem a bit odd to say that because I am actually controlling my urges, but I get to have that submissive side put out there for everyone to see. Of course, they aren't actually getting a chance to see what I have on underneath my clothing, but you get the idea.

Most male chastity cages are geared towards long term wear. While that doesn’t mean you can't wear one for a couple of hours and still have some fun, you need to wear it for a long time to get any kind of benefit out of it. To give you some kind of an idea, I have been wearing the same device for over three weeks now and I have loved every second of it. There is nothing quite like the feeling of wearing one of these devices around your cock and, once you get used to it, you won't want to wear anything else.

Of course, there are times when wearing a male chastity cage at work isn’t actually the best thing I have done. This is especially true when I have a long business meeting and can't get up very often to readjust things down below. As bad as that can get, though, I still love having my cock stuffed into a cage where I can't get an erection. That doesn’t mean that my cock doesn’t try to get hard from time to time. In fact, I spend quite a lot of my time in an uncomfortable state as my cock is trying to force its way through that cage.

I have found that a lot of guys out there love to wear male devices, although not all of them are willing to wear them at work. It seems like this type of sexual device is starting to grow in attention and that is always a good thing. I love not being the only one to have some fun while they are controlling their urges. In fact, I think every guy out there should wear one of these devices from at least once in their life so they know exactly what it feels like.

If you have never worn a chastity device before, you should really pick one out and see how much fun you can have with it. You can wear these things just about anywhere you go and you won't have to worry about someone seeing you get an erection at an inappropriate time. Of course, you WILL tend to walk a bit funny if you are trying to get an erection because of the pressure that you will be feeling with your cock pressing against the cage. That is, of course, a great feeling for anyone that is into the chastity fetish.

Anyone that is interested in wearing a men's chastity device to work should be well versed in what it is going to mean to be locked up all day long. You should have at least worn your device for a few days before hand so that you can be ready for what you are about to get yourself into. There are going to be times that you aren't going to want to wear that cage anymore, and you need to be able to work through those moments and press on with whatever it is you are doing.

For a guy to wear his chastity device to work for the first time, even before wearing it around the house for a couple of hours once you get it, you aren't going to be very happy. You are going to end up thinking that you made a mistake in your decision to purchase your device and you won't want to ever wear it again. The sad thing is, a lot of guys do just that and it ruins the entire experience for them because they are always thinking it will be the same way for them every time they put it on.

The truth is, wearing a cock device at any given time is a difficult thing to do for most guys. This isn’t like getting a new pair of socks and just slipping your shoes on over them. You have to learn to walk a slightly different way so that you aren't showing your cage to everyone that stands in front of you. You are going to be very self-conscious of what you are doing at all times because you feel that someone will notice that bulge in your crotch and think you are getting hard in front of them.

Just think about what it was like when you were younger and had to go through your first day of school. Wearing a  chastity cage is pretty close to that feeling. You know everyone is going to be looking at you and wondering who you are and where you came from. Your device will keep you safe from an erection, but it could end up drawing unneeded attention to you as well, which is always a strange issue for most guys. You just never know how they are gonna take it when you tell them what is in your pants.

I have told plenty of people, my boss included, that I am wearing a male chastity cage under my pants simply because they were looking at me strangely when I walked into the room. That is a feeling I wouldn’t wish on anyone, and if you don’t have to tell someone what you are wearing, then don’t. They will think you are strange; at least some of them will, and you won't be able to live that feeling down for a very long time. Of course, you might find some of them are more interested than you thought.

My boss, for example, is now wearing a chastity device to work as well because of what I told him. He figured that if I could handle wearing one around the office, then he would give it a shot as well. I guess that it’s a good thing he didn’t fire me right off for having a chastity fetish, but now it’s like we have some kind of unspoken bond that I can't seem to escape from. He is always calling me into his office to check out new designs that he has found online.

It’s rather odd that I have helped my boss turn into a chastity fetishist, but at least I have someone else to talk to when I need it. I think his wife finds it a bit odd that the two of us get along so well over something that we found at, but life is kind of funny that way. I am just happy that he hasn’t insisted that I show him the design that I am wearing, or even worse, that he insists on showing me what his looks like. I really don’t need that image in my mind while I'm trying to work.

When it comes to picking out your own male device to wear, you should go with whatever catches your eye. You will find at least one device at that will give you the sense that you really want to try it on and that is the one you should go with. There are a lot of people out there that will tell you to go with something simple at first, but I feel that you should try the one you can't stop thinking about. That is what I did and have been happy ever since.

You can take your time trying to find a cock chastity device that will make you look good, but that defeats the purpose of what you are trying to accomplish. You shouldn’t care if it looks sexy or not. The purpose is to lock your cock up so that you can't get an erection. If you find a device that can do that, then you should purchase that one. Looks are for your partner, if you have one, and shouldn’t factor all that much into your decision to purchase one. That doesn’t mean you have to pick the ugliest one available, though.

You are going to find that there are a lot of different cock chastity devices available for you on the internet. The truth is you will end up finding so many of them that you might be scared to even order one. Just remember that you don’t need to look through the thousands upon thousands of available devices out there. Just pick the one that fits well and can be easily concealed under your clothing so that you can enjoy the same amount of pleasure at work that I get to feel every single day of my life. If you do that, then you will be just as happy as I am and you can window shop for another one later on.

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